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Overview of USAID Regional Tuberculosis Control Programs in Tajikistan

obzoreng1Overview of USAID Regional Tuberculosis Control Programs in Tajikistan the US Embassy, together with the Ministry of Health and Social protection of population of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Republican Center for the Protection of the Population against Tuberculosis, organized an event to review the achievements of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) tuberculosis program and the “Challenge of Tuberculosis” project in Tajikistan over the past five years.

The event was dedicated to the contribution of the US Government in reducing the number of cases of disease and mortality from tuberculosis in the country. The event was attended by the USAID Acting Director in Tajikistan, Deputy Minister of Health, government and public health officials, representatives of international and local community organizations, doctors and former tuberculosis patients from all over Tajikistan.

obzoreng2The USAID Tuberculosis Program and the Challenge of Tuberculosis project, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social, supported the implementation of the National TB Protection Program in Tajikistan through the provision of more effective and affordable tuberculosis prevention, diagnosis and treatment services. The main goal of the USAID tuberculosis control program with a total budget of $ 13.2 million and the Challenge of Tuberculosis project with a budget of $ 3.1 million is to reduce the burden of tuberculosis and multidrug-resistant forms in Tajikistan.

obzoreng3Over the past five years, the USAID Tuberculosis Control Program and the Tuberculosis Challenge project have reached over 860,000 people in communities across Tajikistan with key information about tuberculosis, healthcare professionals, and the latest approaches to prevent and treat tuberculosis based on patient needs. An electronic registry of tuberculosis patients has also been introduced as part of these programs, an effective tool for medical workers and healthcare managers, who can now collect accurate data with minimal resources to monitor, evaluate and improve tuberculosis prevention and treatment services throughout Tajikistan for the treatment of tuberculosis. The program also trained around 3,500 medical representatives.

obzoreng4The Republican Public Organization Afif in the frame of the USAID Tuberculosis Control Program, presented the results of its project implemented in the Prison Service. The project was aimed at raising awareness among TB prisoners; improving access for prisoners to TB diagnosis and treatment; increasing the capacity of medical and non-medical personnel in TB correctional facilities; the provision of social support services for TB patients in transition period ; supporting coordination and interaction of the Penitentiary system with NTP, public and international organizations.


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